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yes, tonight was THIS boring. [Jun 12 02 00:47a]
[ mood | bored ]

i invent words: sighj
kevinrocksout: poop
i invent words: why did you spell poop backwards
kevinrocksout: hahat
kevinrocksout: oops
kevinrocksout: hahah
i invent words: yeah
kevinrocksout: i just pselled hahah sdrawkcab
i invent words: :[ahhhhhhhhhhhhthis is boring kevin
kevinrocksout: sdrawkcab gnihtyreve lleps
i invent words: dfklsjdlskj boieiejejje
i invent words: ohohohoohhhhh.
kevinrocksout: ohohohohohoho
i invent words: kevinininnin
kevinrocksout: ericacacacacac
i invent words: *DIES* Iefdfdj
i invent words: i have been stuck in position for very long hour now
kevinrocksout: LOL

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[Jun 06 02 01:51a]
wow.. i'm happy..
i'm like this a lot latley.
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ahaha dosen't everyone love when i paste conversations [Jun 03 02 01:59a]
kevinrocksout: should i be able to hear this gonad video?
i invent words: you should
i invent words: is the sound not working?
kevinrocksout: yea it's malfunctioning
i invent words: that sucks, its funny the 1st time you see it
kevinrocksout: that wheelchair kid thing is scary
i invent words: yes
kevinrocksout: so are all the pictures of gonads
kevinrocksout: oh the sound just worked
kevinrocksout: i like when it gets really emo
i invent words: oh it gets all soft
kevinrocksout: "gonads in the lightning in the lightning"
i invent words: and it shows the pictures of that porn star dude
kevinrocksout: "in the rain WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"
kevinrocksout: LOL no when it gets more powerful at the end
i invent words: so what do you think of it?
i invent words: the flying penis
kevinrocksout: it was great
kevinrocksout: i have to stop watching this
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[Jun 01 02 01:22a]
[ mood | sore ]

tonight i went up to the brycc for a show.. i didn't think i was going to have much fun because five hours and the novas arent my favoritest bands in the world but with the aid of some people and lots of cabbage patch dancing and pelvic thrusts i somehow managed to have fun. also, i met this girl who had pubic hair on her feet! hahaha it was so great when she told that, i was going to die. yeaah though, i met kevin for the 1st time, he was a lot taller? than i expected. very nice guy though.. indeed.. one of the more entergetic guys i've met from on-line chatting i may say. hehe. it was great. i tied his shoe too loose. you know kevin.. you shouldnt be afraid to call me anymore or whatever because we have talked now, and you see that i'm one of the nicer grimlins.
this guy came up to me and scared me but i later found out i knew him because i had hung out with him once. he is a druggie and smoked like 2 ciggerettes while i spoke to him in a 15 minute timespan. he kept bugging me for my number so i gave it to him. i don't really like doing the whole 'numbers to almost strangers' thing. but anyway it was all good. i danced for the novas and some of five hours, and some guy even gave me an almost full tub of ben and jerrys ice cream.

hmm so enough of that. i am a happy lady. nothing is gonna holddd me down oh no, i got to keep on movin'. i was kind of sad about derek, and him being sad but i think that things will be okay in the future.

imma livejournal whore. i write about everything i do.

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geez.... [May 30 02 03:03a]
[ mood | crappy ]

this may sound humourous, but today my sister told me how i "mastrubated with a squiggle writer" when i was about in 7th grade. (what, 3 or 4 years ago??) my old dog brought one downstairs that had a condom on it (chewing on it), and i was sleeping durring all of this so of course my biggest sister amy said that it was MINE (couple years later we found a few more of her inventions.) being me i know i do not place condoms on vibrating pens. so all this time i've been known as the child that sticks vibrating pens up her, and i didn't even fucking know. not that i find things wrong with mastrubation, it's jut that this is embarassing because it's my family and i didn't do it. how wonderful. NOT.
since i've done basically nothing but be online and watch movies this week, (the new guy and spiderman) i'm declaring this my 'do nothing week.' next week i will HAVE to do something wether it's just walk down to rite aid or what. i'm not wasting my entire summer like this.

i'm not in a very good mood tonight.. yeah whatever man. nancy is here to cheer.

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[May 28 02 21:50p]
[ mood | satisfied ]

what's wrong with me..

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[May 28 02 20:09p]
who was the evil beast who got me addicted to saying 'hehe'!??!

grr. hehe.
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how can you honestly say that you're content with me.. [May 28 02 18:53p]
[ mood | nauseated ]

these cramps are the worst out of 3 years PMS experience. painnn.. crying out.. i wish i could stab myself right now and cut out my baby makers. oh sweatpants where are you?

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[May 28 02 03:34a]
[ mood | tired ]

laying in the grass this late at night is not very pleasant.
i feel all dewy. ew.
shayne.. you're an awesome guy, etc. etc. etc., i'm glad we got to actually had a good ongoing phone conversation tonight. i think i understand you a lot more now. kind of sucked when your phone cut out though..

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[May 23 02 10:25a]
[ mood | awake ]

i went to a show last night. i was kind of nervous because derek and his friend chris came all the way from indiana to pick me up just so i could go, and then i thought i got them lost. we got there okay though. yeah so things moved slow i didn't really talk all that much at the beginning, but everyone knows how i lossen up once i begin to feel comfortable. there was this band skrum their lead singer made me laugh, haha he did these dances that looked like he was walking like a chicken. chris.. he had this sarcastic nature that made me feel stupid but laugh at the same time. he joked in my 'frizzy hair' :( ahhh well i knew already. i had a lottt of fun durring abscise, they're amazing, thought i wish i would of had a pair of ear plugs. thanks for putting up with me derek, :D (sorry for my 'bad manners' not inviting you in,)

i think my mom wants me to clean the house. this sucks.. it's what, the 2nd day of summer vacation?
arrgh i knew it.

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